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Remix The Earth is hard to define.   It is a cross-cultural experiment, a non-profit ongoing music & video project founded by Adrian Blackhurst, aka Boogiemeister.  Modeled after similar projects “Playing For Change”, “1 Giant Leap” & “Critical Beats” (which Adrian traveled to Ecuador with in 2011), Remix The Earth has the vision & dedicated goal to record talented musicians, bands & solo artists, both known & unknown talent, travelling the world to different locations 1-2x year, with these missions in mind:


1) THE SONGS :: Record master musicians songs & tracks in a professional music studio & on the streets with portable field recorders. The musicians will have the opportunity record a song in a pro studio & in turn will offer one of their original songs recordings to Remix The Earth project to be used for the remix album. In return, they will get exposure as an artist to new networks of people online, and they will get to keep their studio recording (something some musicians might never have had funds for). The funds gathered in crowd funding campaigns will be to pay musicians, studio recording time in various locations, sound engineers hired, online promo, website upkeep, & purchasing a few audio tools necessary for remote recording outside the studios. The funds are NOT for Boogiemeister’s travel expenses (he always covers his own air/train/hotel/food/accomadations), but solely for the above stated purpose.


2) THE REMIX :: Remix The Earth website will provide individual parts (called stems & tracks) of the songs available to be downloadable & offer a Remix The Earth contest after each trip. The remix contest will be open for submissions by any artist, but starting with a team of producer friends I know: Gaudi, Adham Shaikh, David Starfire, Delhi 2 Dublin, The Funk Hunters, Nickodemus, Jeremy Sole, Kaminanda, Pleasuremaker, Kaya Project, etc…all high profile producers/musicians already making Global Electronica music who have remix experience. These artists are signed to record labels & have big name recognition & large fan base, which will help get the music out to bigger networks. The remix artists will donate their remixed songs free of charge with 100% of the funds raised from song sales going towards future Remix The Earth missions: to pay local musicians, work with youth, & record more music & video projects in other developing countries!  It’s a big world out there!


3) THE VIDEOS :: Once funds are reached for the music goals, we will add video into the mix, making music videos of the remix songs with shots ranging from the artists performing live in the studio, on radio shows, concerts we attend, street musicians, temples, markets, landscape, etc.   Each remix artist could have a videographer make their own unique video from the video ‘sample’ clips that will also be available on the website, resulting in ‘remix videos’ from various film editors. Ultimately, the long term goal is to team up with a filmmaker to create a documentary movie, “Remix The Earth: a musical revolution”, much like “1 Giant Leap” & “Playing For Change”.   A YouTube channel with the ‘remix videos’ & a trailer will be a great way to promote the film & songs. The movie will capture the overlapping & weaving of journeys across the globe, with Remix The Earth diffusing the differences between cultures with the Unity of music bringing people together, like the Universal Language music is!

4) OUTREACH ::  Whenever possible in each country getting involved with outreach volunteer work with at risk youth… teaching them the art of music production, music recording, DJ’ing, making music videos.



  1. Register Non-Profit Organization
  2. Paying musicians & professional studio recording time with hired sound engineers in each location.
  3. Website upgrade to Level 2:  create portal for the record label releases with links to purchase tracks on the site payable via PayPal, links to iTunes, etc…, new Promo video, etc.
  4. Online Marketing of the music via Facebook Ads mainly.
  5. Film & make a documentary movie “REMIX THE EARTH: a music revolution”

PROFITS:   When enough $ is generated by the film & music sales, 50% of profits will go to fund children’s music programs in developing countries & right here in Hawaii, with the other 50% going back to Remix The Earth project missions mentioned above!