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Remix The Earth is hard to define. It is a cross-cultural experiment, a non-profit ongoing music and video project founded by Adrian Blackhurst, aka Boogiemeister. Modeled after similar projects “Playing For Change”, “1 Giant Leap” & “Critical Beats” (which Adrian traveled to Ecuador with in 2011), Remix The Earth has the vision & dedicated goal to record talented musicians, bands & solo artists, both known & unknown talent, traveling the world to different locations 1-2x year, with these missions in mind:


Gnawa1THE MUSIC ::  Record master musicians songs & tracks in a professional music studio & on the streets with portable field recorders.


THE REMIX ::  Remix The Earth in collaboration with Splice.com will offer these recordings as a remix contest for producers to create their own version.


THE VIDEOS ::  Original music videos representing each country/culture which can be viewed here or on our YouTube channel.  We are also currently working on a documentary film, “Remix The Earth – uniting cultures through music & video”.

OUTREACH ::  Whenever possible in each country getting involved with outreach volunteer work with at risk youth… teaching them the art of music production, music recording, DJ’ing, making music videos.




Non-Profit Mission Statement :: 

We believe in transparency.  We believe in the power of music, video & art to be abundant & help out with the problems in this world!   Money generated by the film & music sales will be divided as follows:  50% of profits will go to fund children’s music programs abroad & in the USA, with the other 50% going back to Remix The Earth project missions mentioned above (hiring film editors for the documentary, paying musicians for studio time, marketing the music & videos created).   

Adrian Blackhurst

Adrian is a multi-instrumentalist who played in various bands over the years and has lately been focusing on his solo projects, under the name Boogiemeister & Bionic Love Soundsystem. He has been producing music since they year 2000, with over 40+ songs on his discography, 2 full length albums & 3 EPs.  He uses the almighty laptop and plays guitar, synths, melodica, & various percussion that he often plays during his DJ sets as well.  He has a background in music production from his studies at Evergreen State College & countless hours twiddling knobs in his home studio.

Current mission:  Going to Cuba, Colombia, back to Brazil & as many South American countries 2017/18 to record master musicians, vocalists, mcs, video & REMIX THE EARTH: South America yo!    

20011-2017 saw him organizing many music events on Maui with his Beats Bazaar & Remix The Earth nights.

2004 he co-founded Beats Without Borders monthly (global fusion dance parties in Vancouver, BC that just had 13th anniversary!) & co-founded band Delhi 2 Dublin (who have gone on to be quite a successful popular band).



About Us

Remix The Earth is a music focused Travel Blog, Record Label, Recording Project, Youth Outreach, YouTube channel & Documentary Film project on a mission!


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