Each trip, Remix The Earth, brings back some new audio/video goodies for you to play with!

Feel free to make your own remix with the field recordings & audio clips provided in the links below.


Boogiemeister traveled deep into the medina’s of ancient Marrakesh & resurfaced with these treasures.  After conjuring up a few old spells he turned the recordings into the song & music video:  “Mystic Medina”.  Here the street musicians performing traditional snake charmer flute songs, arabic tribal drums & chants, voices of the characters at this legendary market that dates back 1000 years & known for its one of a kind musicians!

Grab your samples to go crazy with here.  PLEASE SUBMIT the track using contact form when finished with your remix.

Your track, if chosen, will be on the RTE001 first release:  Remix The Earth: Mococco vol. 1 as seen here on Bandcamp page! 


*Contact Boogiemeister if you are interested in remixing “Mystic Medina” for link with those files.

Boogiemeister – “Mystic Medina” video


Boogiemeister traveled December 2016 to March 2017 for a 3 month journey to Brazil.  He fell in love with Rio de Janeiro & spent 2 of the 3 months there, as well as recording a very talented studio musician in Salvador, Bahia.  

CARNAVAL 2017 in Rio de Janeiro was a life changer!  600+ block parties, aka “Blocos”, in the month of February alone!  January is often full of Blocos as well, along with Samba school rehearsals ongoing pretty much any day of the week that are open to attend.  Pure MUSIC LOVE & it twas a great opportunity for Remix The Earth to be a part of.  Mesmerizing samba street party nights, many many late nights, and a few songs currently in the making!   Currently accepting submissions for the 2nd album release, RTE002:  Remix The Earth: Brazil vol. 2.   Your track can use some of the stems & samples we recorded in Brazil, or any Brazilian instruments you recorded for that matter.   PLEASE SUBMIT the track using contact form.  

This is the 1st in a series of music videos Boogiemeister recorded in Rio & put together in under an hour.  Other footage shot on the Cannon t5i soon to be made into the 2nd music video.  Tons of footage captured for the future documentary as well!  

Brazil overall was a huge SUCCESS!  Tudo bom!  We love you Brazil, thanks for all your great memories, magic & mystery!   

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